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Labor Issues - Due Process

Without a negotiated contract... With the negotiated CTU contract...
  • teachers do not have the right to an impartial hearing on any charges
  • teachers do not have the right to respond to accusations
  • teachers do not have the right to defend themselves
  • teachers can be disciplined based on anonymous material
  • teachers have the right to due process
  • teachers have the right to a hearing before a neutral third party
  • teachers have the right to defend themselves, their actions
  • teachers cannot be disciplined based on anonymous material

In the CTU - Camden diocesan contract, the Grievance Procedure provides for the complete, open, and impartial hearing of any and all accusations which may lead to disciplinary action against any teacher.

A teacher need never fear being ambushed by undocumented, unsupported, anonymous complaints.

The process for addressing written, documented accusations against teachers is clearly described in the contract. If a teacher believes that he/she has been disciplined in violation of any provision of the contract then the grievance procedure spelled out in the contract begins.
Step 1: the teacher reduces the nature of the grievance to writing and then, with representation of his/her Union delegate, meets with the principal
Step 2: if the principalís reply to the grievance is not satisfactory to the teacher, he/she submits a written statement to the Superintendent for a meeting, including the teacherís Union representative
Step 3: if the Superintendentís decision is unsatisfactory, the teacher & Union move the grievance to a hearing by a neutral third party - if the grievance concerns the dismissal of a tenured teacher, the issue may be heard by the American Arbitration Association

Under the CTU - Camden diocesan contract

A teacher's personnel file

~ is a report of a teacherís documented performance accessible only to school system administrators, the Bishop and the teacher;

~ cannot contain any detrimental or derogatory material unless the teacher has received a dated copy of it, to which the teacher may respond in writing for the file;

~ written copies of any detrimental material to be used in any disciplinary matter must be given to the teacher;

~ cannot contain anonymous material.

A teacher called to a meeting with an administrator

~ has the opportunity for his/her Union representative to be present at any meeting which may be of a disciplinary nature and must sign a written form that he/she does not want a representative present, if that is the teacherís desire;

~ must receive written notification of the nature of the meeting if it will, or may, lead to disciplinary action against the him/her.

Furthermore, "no reprisal of any kind shall be taken against any employee who participates in the processing of a grievance." Article VII, Section C.5, Current Contract

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